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Halloween's almost here: We've got a challenge for YOU!

Ready...set...SEARCH! Our cute little pumpkin friend has got missing on one of the pages of Tixte! Your task: find the pumpkin! Once you have located it, click it and up comes a SECRET CODE. Enter this is the redeem tab of Tixte to unlock a special reward!

Have a happy Halloween,
the Tixte team - #spooooky | #tixte | #tixtehalloweenchallange


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DAY 1: On the first day, we announced Tixte FOSS - the official open source version of Tixte. You can learn more about that here. DAY 2: On the second day, we announced Tixte IO - The ultimate and free solution to hosting your games via github pages and a sleek domain name. Learn more about that here. DAY 3: On the third day, we announced the thing we've all been waiting for...TIXTE 3.0! You can check that out now at:
Tixte 2.0 was recently released and so we just wanted to let you know about a few things:
1. You can learn more about some tips for Tixte 2.0 at:

2. You can learn more about Tixte 2.0 by watching the included video below:
P.S. Tixte game Week is coming up fast!
See you then,
The Tixte Team

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