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Welcome to the new Tixte blog!

This is our first post! Visit us on our blog to stay up to date! More posts are coming soon.


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Halloween's almost here: We've got a challenge for YOU!

Ready...set...SEARCH! Our cute little pumpkin friend has got missing on one of the pages of Tixte! Your task: find the pumpkin! Once you have located it, click it and up comes a SECRET CODE. Enter this is the redeem tab of Tixte to unlock a special reward!

Have a happy Halloween,
the Tixte team - #spooooky | #tixte | #tixtehalloweenchallange

Tixte 2.0 is ready for stable release!

Tixte 2.0 was recently released and so we just wanted to let you know about a few things:
1. You can learn more about some tips for Tixte 2.0 at:

2. You can learn more about Tixte 2.0 by watching the included video below:
P.S. Tixte game Week is coming up fast!
See you then,
The Tixte Team

Shhhh! Want a sneak peek?

Yep. Here comes the future. There is a lot to be hiped about that is coming this November during Tixte Game Week, 2019. We just couldn't help but create this post to give you a sneak peek of SOME new features and items coming to Tixte. 1. Tixte 3.0 (Public beta available now @ With all these new updates, it'll be time for a version refresh 2. Tixte Coins - This most-requested feature (coin collection) may become a reality this November! The chances of it coming during this event are about a 7/10 chance. 3. Tixte Badges - You wanted them. Now you can collect them, print and show them off, along with trading them in for coins (trading feature is coming in Tixte 3.2). 4. Daily Rewards!! - Earn FREE coins and special badges for completing daily missions. These could be anything from "get 10 or higher on _____" to "Upload an account profile photo". This is the easiest way to get coins and badges. 5. Tixte IO game hosting. Host your HTML5 games …